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May 26, 2007


Ron from California.

Dear Mr. Michael Shannon
I would like to say I have never seen BUG when it was in movie theaters however, this movie was A+++++ your acting was beyond great same with other cast members, a friend bought the movie and we watched it and this movie was a "JAW DROPPER" I have seen a lot of movies in my time and just wanted you to know I would give you a award for acting in this one I am sorry I must have seen you in other movies you were in but this one movie it was a "mind blower" thanks for being a real actor, movie was so good that during the movie I had to check myself for BUGS...... I will keep posted on your next movie, maybe some day you will be on I wish you the best in the movie business and keep on acting! also this comment is for the other people who make movies work the people behind the movies, people who put up light etc. it is a team of people and they did a great Job!

see ya at the movies!
Stockton, CA.

Ron from California.

I forgot to add this. when I was a young kid I was hyperactive in school and my life and the People who ran the Schools in Modesto, CA. told my parents that if they can't control me in class I would have to leave there system so my Parents had to do something so they took me to Therapist and more the idea they came up with was a pill a new pill it was called RITALIN : METHYLPHENIDATE(meth-ill-FEN-eh-date) this was the start to my hell, I was a human Guinea pig / experiment for UC DAVIS Medical since then I have been kinda of screwed up but got more help, our Government does not recanize they did this to me I guess that is why this movie keep me on my toes and really got to me. today
I am doing better in my health and my life is doing OK. I still fill like a experiment to our Government.
This is a true story and I can back it up. I am now age 46. and most of my time in public school system I was in Special Education this was hell to me. I was a different kind of learner I ended up playing the bass guitar and being in a few bands and I am a Artist so life is ok.
best regards ron

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