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Friday, March 24, 2006


Lady Melancholy


I was so stoked when I saw this post! I worked as a make-up assistant on one of Wes's films and I can tell you that it is absolutely true that his wife Jenn was completely controlling and scary. She made his life miserable BUT he NEVER tried to fool around with anyone and he wasn't at all interested in any other females. The truth is that Jenn was extremely jealous of Wes's success because she wanted to be an actress and she couldn't stand the fact that Wes was so good and that everyone was so impressed by him. She was seriously jealous of his career. He never gave her any reason to be jealous of other girls even though there were so many hot female stars and crew around. He only come out of his room when he had to do a scene or when Jenn was there. And even then he'd only talk to her and she'd only talk about herself or try to be clever. Sometimes she'd even flirt with other guys on the set in front of him and it would make him so depressed that he almost couldn't bring himself to shoot. For some reason he was totally in her power and it wrecked things for him because he insisted that she be in his films, be represented by his agents and choose his scripts. Yuck! Why??? Nobody could figure that out but everyone was bummed out about it. He was getting a rep as being P---whipped, if you know what I mean. Too bad because he was really sweet otherwise.

Maybe she's "allowing" him to take roles here and there just to get the money. She sure succeeded in crushing him but then again, he let her. So sad! Wes is one of the most amazing actors out there and it is such a drag about what happened. Maybe he'll come to his senses, dump her and make a real comeback. And find a decent, supportive girl!!

I don't know what's going on with them now or if they are even together. Any info? I'd love to know.


I know wes and jen personally for years, well b4 the fame. Wes never wanted to be as famous as he got after American Beauty, so he would take long breaks from filming so as to not overexpose himself. Jen payed NO mind to his proffesional choices but loved the time he'd spend with her. Wes could've chosen any role he wanted then, but didn't for his personal moral and proffesional choice. i think he's due that respect and certainly she is as well. Two Upstanding people in a town full of rottens should be repected not gossiped about.

Lady Melancholy

It's different when you know someone and hang out with them. I worked with him and saw what the deal was on the set. I don't know how she acts around her "friends" but I know how she was when he was shooting. It was a mess. I wish him the best and hope he can make a comeback with his new movies. He deserves it but she doesn't deserve him. And for your information, I'm obviously not the only one who saw things this way. Obviously a lot of people in "the town full of rottens" saw it that way too. I never heard anyone that I know in the business say a good word about her. If people don't want to be gossiped about they shouldn't choose to be making their money in the film business.And if you're talking respect, Wes had plenty of it from everyone and he lost it because of her, not because of his talent.


"Controlling and Scary", let me ask you guys something, what mans wife isnt controlling and scary?
Jenny Quanz is a beautiful girl, always poised, ladylike and demure.Her face reminds me of silent-picture actresses of the 20's. She seems like a perfect companion for any man.
Certainly Wes is no angel,himself, as all actors are high-maintenance.It cannot be easy for her, being bashed the way she is. It can make any girl insecure.
If Wes did try to get her some work, whats so wrong with that????.Haven't we all done favors and pulled strings for our loved ones.You know she is an actress after all. I will go as far as to say that he'd be a cad if he didnt try to get her work.
I have suspicions that Wes is as picky with his partner as he is with his roles. So, we must deduce that if he chose her to be by his side, there must be alot more to this girl than outsiders see.
Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, roles can be reversed.It will be Jen burning up the gossip pages and winning awards while Wes accompanies her to HER premieres, ala Tom & Nicole, or Hillary Swank and that Lowe guy.
I think this girl is being bullied by jealous types.Wes has a squeaky-clean image, dirt just doesnt stick to him. So poor Jen has become a target for just that. "we cant find any dirt on him, so lets pick on her".
She probably grounds him in a way no one has.
And in such a fickle industry any working actor should be so lucky to have someone like that on their camp.
As far as her flirting with other men, thats heresay.
Who is to say these guys weren't flirting with her?
Ignore all the haters Jenny.


Lol this is so funny Wes lives right under me in Hollywood. He a really cool guy but always plays his house music really loud, so I end up pounding the floor with my bat. I never knew he was even a big actor until I heard about this Ghost Rider movie. Shit I think I might go and have a beer with him some time.

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