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Thursday, March 16, 2006



okay. wat if it were you with herpes?? would you want everyone laughing at you. NO! she is a human being. this is ridiculous. all the crap that circles the internet. people actually believe this crap and let me just tell you she doesn't deserve this. the only reason people do all this crap is because she's rich and gorgeous and everyone else is just jealous. but you all can go fcuk yourselves. and when you get a sexually transmitted disease or cancer you let me know.
i'll be sure to laugh back at cha!

hugs && kisses bitch!


Ha, ha. Miss Paris and her herpes are in the news again. Today's NYPost. You see, people wouldn't hate on her if she weren't such a media whore and/or if she had some talent to justify all time wasted on her.

mystery girl

You know what it is not funny cause I also have herpes and I just made one mistake and look where it got me and that also doesn't mean that I'm a hoe either cause you know what I am happily married and have 2 beautiful children. so making fun of paris is just wrong cause maybe she just made a mistake layoff


ha ha ha shame the girls a pathetic lil slag ne way n 2 tha katie hu has sum sick problem with us laffin at her - FCUK you u daft bitch

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