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Friday, March 10, 2006



uhh ur a fucking retard. -AmeircanS finally catchES on? think about that for a minute u retard, and wuts with you dissin up all these ppl leik jen aniston- who the hell are you? ohh rite your sitting here writting shit bout ppl who have made it in ur lil gossip page leik ur some big shit. And as for Paris Hilton- the publicity seems to be working doesnt it? u just cant accept the fact that she was smart enough to use everything she has to her advantage and it seems to be working for her- i dont see you doing anything important with your life- u try to make fun of people for a seems to me like youre the one who has to grow up... and I do not expect this to appear on the site because it will shame you, further proving that youre a worthless piece of shit.


How cute are you? How on earth did you find time in your oh-so-busy day to comment on some random ass site that gets only about 1500 unique hits per day? I'm honored that you felt so compelled to post on something written back in January! Anywho, welcome aboard!

as for Paris to hate the little skank. I def wouldn't want her to go away. Who else would people laugh at? I actually like her lil song though. :-)

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